A privacy statement may be used in online transactions including the e-mails that are being sent by an entity to another. An e-mail privacy statement includes the following information:

  • A statement that specific e-mail may only be viewed by certain people and these entities should not allow any other person to have access to the information provided in the e-mail.
  • It may also include the specifications of an e-mail attachment that should be bound for privacy as it may contain information that should not be available to the public. This will allow the receiver to download the attachment and safe-keep it in a folder that may not easily be found or browsed through by other people.
  • An e-mail privacy statement also includes a notification that the use of the e-mail information for the purpose that it does not serve is prohibited by law, especially with regards to the distribution of the e-mail information.
  • Confidential information sent through an e-mail always needs a privacy statement as it may affect specific functions and transactions should it be known by people more than those to whom it is for, which is why warnings are always specified in this kind of statement.

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