Officer Cap/Hat

Product Code: JT-OC-0007


Product Brief Description
visor for officers serving in the Kavalerie or Panzeraufklärung. The visor is a textbook and very rare original example that for sure will be a draw dropper in any collection. The cap is made from high quality doeskin cloth with the typical black velvet band bordered with a set of yellow piping and the piping on the top of the cap in a slightly thicker form – just how its supposed to be. The cap comes with a set of cupal insignia with equal wear. The 55/56 sized cap was originally veteran acquired with just the eagle attached to the cap with one prong. The skull was matched and attached to the cap post war and is made from the same material and similar wear. The chinstrap sits nicely with a minor imprint on the visor. The visor and sweatband are factory attached to the cap without repairs. The lining in the cap is in good condition and does not show any signs of tampering. 

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